Home Theaters

Whole-House Music

Never stop listening to your favorite tunes with our Sonos or Apple Airplay systems. Whether in the Kitchen, Laundry, Shower, or Outdoor Pool, hi-fidelity sound is not an obstacle.

Whole-House Wi-Fi Coverage

Our commercial-grade Wi-Fi system is powerful enough to provide full bars through your entire house. Even outdoor living spaces can receive full-strength Wi-Fi.

TV Installation

We provide TV Installation Services starting at $350 Per TV with included commercial-grade TV Mount.

CCTV IP Security Cameras

Weather-Proof and Vandal-Proof, our HD Cameras will help you keep an eye on your house–even when you’re away from home. And the best part? Your footage is stored locally in your house and is not shared with any other devices.

Smart Home Automation

Using an iPad or iPhone, you can control nearly any aspect of your smart home with our signature programming. Optional Remote Access will enable you to maintain control while you’re away from home.

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